Pacific Northwest Invasive Plant Council


The mission of the PNW IPC is to protect the Pacific Northwest's land and waters from ecologically-damaging invasive plants through scientific research, education, policy and an on-the-ground citizen science monitoring and eradication program. (more)

In the Pacific Northwest, invasive plants negatively impact native plants, wildlife and whole ecosystems. These invasives displace native plants, degrade habitat and recreation opportunities, as well as physically and chemically alter soil properties and fire frequencies. Additionally, invasive plants can jeopardize endangered plants, some of which are at risk due to invasive species, and further decrease biodiversity. Monetarily, in the United States, these damages and losses can cost up to $138 billion per year! Nearly 420,000 acres of National Forests and Grasslands in the PNW have been degraded by invasive plants. (more)

2016 PNW IPC's EDRR Citizen Science Invasive Plant Program - Annual Report

2016 Workshops: June, 28th in Bellevue, WA and June 29th in Portland, OR

To register for the Bellevue workshop click here and for the Portland click here. Speakers will present research and work on many of the Pacific Northwest’s most significant emergent and aquatic invasive species.

2016 Citizen Science Early Detection, Reporting and Identification of Invasive Plants Training Session Schedule

***RECENT PRESS***PNW IPC's President, Steve Manning, and PNW IPC's EDRR Citizen Science Director, Julie Combs, present webinars in honor of National Invasive Species Awarness Week (Feb 22-25, 2016)!





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Remembering former PNW IPC's Vice President, Dr. Sarah Reichard shown here participating in restoration efforts in Camas Meadows. To learn more about her life and dedication to plant conservation see:

Citizens Take on Invasive Plants!

EDRR Volunteer Ann Stevens carries out a bag full of Tansy ragwort from Tiger Mountain State Forest in King County.


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Cirsium arvense

Cirsium arvense
Hypericum perforatum
Hypericum perforatum
Polygonum cuspidatum
Polygonum cuspidatum
Senecio jacobea
Senecio jacobea