Pacific Northwest Invasive Plant Council

Federal Noxious Weed List

Pacific Northwest Noxious Weed Lists

British Columbia:, or

Alaska: or

Washington State:

Oregon State:

Montana State:

Idaho State:


  • British Columbia (BC)
    • P = Provincial Noxious within all Regions of British Columbia
    • R = Regional Noxious within the boundaries of certain regional districts
    • N = Nuisance Weeds not regulated by the BC Weed Control Act
  • Alaska (AK)
    • PR = Prohibited and restricted noxious weeds
    • R = Restricted, maximum allowable tolerances of seeds per pound have been calculated
  • Washington State (WA)
    • Class A = Non-native species that are limited in distribution in Washington. State law requires that these weeds be eradicated.
    • Class B = Non-native species that are either absent from or limited in distribution in some portions of the state but very abundant in other areas. The goals are to contain the plants where they are already widespread and prevent their spread into new areas.
    • Class C = Non-native plants that are already widespread. Counties can choose to enforce control, or they can educate residents about controlling these noxious weeds.
  • Oregon State (OR)
    • A Designated = a weed of known economic importance which occurs in the state in small enough infestations to make eradication or containment possible; or is not known to occur, but its presence in neighboring states make future occurrence in Oregon seem imminent.
    • B Designated = a weed of economic importance which is regionally abundant, but which may have limited distribution in some counties.
    • T Designated = a priority noxious weed designated by the Oregon State Weed Board as a target on which the Oregon Department of Agriculture will develop and implement a statewide management plan. T designated noxious weeds are species selected from either the A or B list.
  • Yukon Territories (YT)
    • L= low level invasive
    • Po=potentially invasive
    • H= high invasive